Sex Offender Registration Map

In an effort to assist registered sex offenders where they can live, the Jasper County Sex Offender Registry map was created by the Geographic Information System (GIS) department showing the boundaries for 2,000 feet residency restrictions as well as the 300 feet exclusion zone. Addresses that fall within these two zones are show as green stars.

Searching the Map

Search for the address where you are planning to live (follow instructions on the map) to see if it is an acceptable address. If it says the address can't be found, please call to verify the address is acceptable before signing a lease or purchasing a home. If the address falls within the clearly marked boundary zones and these zones apply to you as a registered offender, it is not an acceptable address and you must look elsewhere. The map is updated no less than once per month and updates are based on the Iowa Sex Offender Registry notifications.