GIS & Mapping Services

GIS (Geographic Information Science or System) is a data driven mapping system. GIS involves everything from census data to recorded surveys and aerial photos to create a graphical representation of the county. These representations give the County and its citizens a better idea of conditions with increased speed and improved integrity for decisions.

Tool Used Throughout the County Offices

The Jasper County GIS is a valuable tool used throughout the county offices for varying tasks including: planning, land assessment, crime tracking, development hot spots, utilities, infrastructure, road assessment, and many other applications.

Available to General Public

The GIS is available to the general public at no cost via Beacon. The GIS raw data is available for the public from the Auditor's office. Data is available in shapefile or tabular format and it can be delivered on CD/DVD or via FTP.

Curious about your property and how to find tax info?

By searching for your property on the Beacon Schneider site, you can find helpful information regarding your parcel. Select the state, and county. Then enter your address. Once you see your property information, then click Tax Estimator & Forms on the menu bar. Click HERE for instructions.