Animal Control

Animal Control

A stray animal picked up in Jasper County by Jasper County Animal Control will be taken to Parkview Animal Hospital. If you have lost your pet and you live in Jasper County, Iowa, go to Parkview Animal Hospital's Facebook page to see if your pet has been found.  Or you may contact Parkview Animal Hospital at 641-792-0340  to see if your pet has been dropped off and to set-up a time to reunite with your pet.  

At Parkview, a reclaim fee will be determined by the number of days your pet is at the facility and the number of vaccinations required for your pet before it leaves the facility. State law requires that vaccinations be administered within 48 hours of admission of an animal. If your pet already has its rabies vaccination, you are required to provide proof of the vaccination by providing a physical copy of the rabies certificate or providing a phone number of the vet clinic where the vaccine was administered to obtain a copy from them.

We recommend that every pet has proper immunizations. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to keep up on their vaccinations to help keep our community safe. 

Consider microchipping your pets. It is helpful when a pet found in the community is microchipped. Remember to keep your pet's microchip information up to date. Simply moving to a new location or new ownership of your pet requires updated contact information for your pet's microchip.

Thank you for caring for your pets.

To contact Animal Control call Jasper County Dispatch at 641-792-5912.